How-to Connect

First off, if you try the game, make sure you remember to join the correct server you wish to play on (we’re on English -> Gludio02 Server).  You can’t transfer your character once you’ve selected a server (as of now).  Of course, there’s multiple channels available while you’re playing that you can swap between.
High Quality PC Graphics -> Bluestack (Android) Emulator for PC (I recommend setting it to 1-core in upper-right -> Engine Settings and 4000 RAM if possible):
Lower Quality PC Graphics -> MEmu (Android) Emulator for PC
For Android Phones -> If you want to be able to install it on Android, simply run the APK Install after updating the security settings (Allow Unknown sources) under “Settings -> Security”:
 Inline image 1
Don’t forget to link your account to Google or Facebook!  Also collect the 300 ruby reward under Settings -> Account if it’s still there.
For iPhones/iOS Devices -> If you’re playing on an iOS device (phone/tablet/etc), you must create a new apple ID ( and select Hong Kong (or whichever region you would like to play on).  Then you must log out of your normal apple ID on your device, and log onto the new account.  Finally, you can then download the game and switch back to your normal account before starting the game.
Don’t forget to link you account to Facebook (recommended, allows you to still play on a PC Emulator with your character easily).  Also collect the 300 ruby reward under Settings -> Account if it’s still there.
I’ve learned this thanks to the positive feedback I’ve received from the various Lineage Revolution fan clubs.  Good luck everyone!
– eKoRuby